Bicentennial Brick project response

Editor’s Note: This letter from Abundant Life Fellowship is a response to a previous story where Richard and Shannon Weigand expressed concerns to Plain City council over residents’ involvment with the discussed brick project. At the time the article was printed, a response was not available from Abundant Life Fellowship expressing their comments on the matter.

The Abundant Life Fellowship is sorry that Mr. and Mrs. Weigand have gotten their feelings hurt concerning the project at the Bicentennial Park. The project we hope to do was one that would honor those people in Plain City that have contributed to what Plain City is today. We are a Christian group who would not intentionally hurt anyone.

The Abundant Life Fellowship has been volunteering and working at the park for over 20 years. We have known that soon we must replace the floor of the park as it is crumbling. With our Bicentennial this year we wanted to see the park looking nice. We think of the park like the clock — it is something that makes Plain City what it is.

The committee from the Abundant Life Fellowship discussed things. As we discussed, an idea came up of having bricks with the names of historical people on them. People or organizations who have serviced this village long and hard to make us what we are today. We thought that would be a great idea with it being the Bicentennial. We checked it out and found we could also make a little money in doing it if we opened it up to the people which would help. As the project was going to cost $10,000 we did want the people of Plain City to help in giving us names because we did not think we would know all the people or we might forget someone.

We had done another project replacing the brick wall of the front of the park. We knew we needed to go to the village council for approval. We went to the village council meeting in April and told them what we wanted to do. Council gave us the approval providing we get the necessary things. Since we had done this before we knew what those things were: we need to have extra insurance, the mason needed to be bonded, we needed to know the dates, clean up and all. We did get approval. We have a text from the village administrator after the meeting with council telling what we needed and when we were ready, we would set up a meeting with all parties.

Once we got our approval from council, we went to work. We placed an ad in the Plain City Advocate telling people about it. Things were moving along.

Only one person got angry: Mrs. Weigand. We explained what we were doing and would not take her and her husband’s name for a brick.

She yelled at the chairman who called her and said it was unfair. We tried to explain but she would not listen or hear. We told her that she could donate the money, put an historical name on the brick or we would refund her money. It had nothing to do with a good name or a bad name. She asked to refund her money, which we did. We felt bad about it. We did not know she was so upset that she would go to council to complain.

We are not sure what Mrs. Weigand wanted from council. Did she want to hurt us and make us feel bad? Did she still want a brick with her and her husband’s name on it? Did she want to stop the project?

We still want to do the project. We have bought bricks. We have over 30 names and possibly more because people are still calling. We have the brick builder, Joey Plant. We have the extra insurance. We have the money. We would like to get this project done in June so it will be ready for you, the people of the village, to share with our Bicentennial.

The chairman of the Bicentennial committee had called and asked if we would like to be a part of the opening ceremonies and share the names of people on the bricks and explain who they are. We would be delighted to do that. Our intent was to do something good and it still is.

We ask for your prayers and support.

We are sorry Mr. and Mrs. Weigand got hurt. We ask for their understanding and to open their heart up to this project. We will be talking with the mayor and village administrator to get things going.

Abundant Life Fellowship

Pastor Patty Flowers

Plain City