Letter: Is Trump the best Republicans can do?

Dear Editor,

After eight long and hard years of the Obama administration, is Donald Trump really the best the Republicans can do?

Is he going to be the best solution to the damage that’s been done to our country? Do we want another moderate, middle of the road candidate, just like McCain or Romney?

There are a large number of Republicans that are losing hope within our party because of the type of candidates the majority of our party is electing. Many Republicans are choosing not to vote Republican at presidential elections because they have absolutely no faith in the candidate that’s been selected for their party.

We don’t want to just vote for “the lesser of the two evils.” We want to vote for somebody we really believe is the best for America!

We want to vote for somebody that actually wants to get back to following the Constitution, who will stand up for the people’s rights, defeat the Washington Machine, give power back to the states and get rid of unnecessary departments of the federal government that are sucking up tax payers’ money and continuing to add to our ridiculous amount of debt.

The government continues to get bigger, we are losing more and more of our rights, and yet somehow this is all happening with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate. We need a different kind of Republican.

Listen, we’ve got some good, strong, conservative candidates running. Let’s not mess this one up! We can’t afford to.

Laura Downey

Mount Sterling