Letter: Rally around local businesses, especially Lovejoy’s

Dear Editor:

As a long time resident of this community, I am writing to voice my support for Lovejoy’s Market.

I agree strongly with Mayor Lane that it would be a good thing if we each spent at least $20 there every week. Mayor Lane is correct when he says we will miss our grocery store if it closes. I know I will.

If you need to pick up some produce or fresh fruit or any meat other than cold cuts at night or on Sunday, you have no other option except to drive out of town.

I sure hope we don’t get ourselves in a situation where we have to drive out of town for groceries. I hope the community rallies around all our local businesses so that we can keep them, but especially the grocery store.

I am not affiliated with Lovejoy’s or any other local business other than as an appreciative customer.

Mimi Noland

Plain City