Letter: Madison County will benefit from Troyer’s leadership

(Editor’s note: The deadline to submit a letter to the editor in reference to the Nov. 8 general election is Nov. 1.)

Dear Editor,

This November the people of Madison County will have an opportunity to vote for a very gifted person for county commissioner. Her name is Andra Troyer, and she is running as an independent.

Andra and her family run a very successful farm raising corn and soybeans. They also conduct research measuring new products and application rates and times, as well as test new genetics. It has been a very long time since the citizens of Madison County have had a commissioner with an agriculture background.

Andra has served in many capacities in the past representing the values and interests of the farming community. She served for many years as a trustee for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Ohio’s largest farm organization, as well as on the county soil and water conservation board. By serving in these ways, Andra has a unique perspective in understanding how commercial growth and farming must be balanced in order to safeguard our traditional agriculture community, yet promote smart growth to ensure good jobs and infrastructure improvements stay on track.

But the most compelling reason to vote for Andra Troyer to be the next county commissioner is because of her passion. She puts her all in everything she does, in a very transparent and deliberative way, enabling people to trust and believe in her as she works on everyone’s behalf. You can trust that Andra will thoroughly evaluate each and every issue that will affect every citizen of Madison County, and rule accordingly.

Please vote for Andra Troyer, an independent, for Madison County Commissioner this November. The county will benefit greatly from her leadership. Our farming community will once again have someone who truly understands the value and prominence of agriculture, yet also understands the value of smart growth.

Fred Yoder

Plain City