Monroe Elementary School supply list

Staff report

The following is a list of school supplies for Monroe Elementary School.

Kindergarten — Eight glue sticks; one box gallon size Ziploc bags; one box pint size Ziploc bags; one large eraser; 24 count Crayola crayons; two folders with pockets (used for carrying papers home); backpack without wheels; one box of baby wipes; one roll of paper towels; one rectangular box of tissues; one pack of No. 2 pencils.

First grade — Twenty four glue sticks; 24 pencils; one large eraser; one supply box; one package Crayola washable markers; one container of Lysol wipes; one large box (120 count) tissues; one pair of Fiskars scissors; three boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons; three folders with pockets; backpack without wheels; one subject spiral notebook; two packs of Expo brand fine tip dry erase marker, black; one box gallon sized plastic bags; one container of baby wipes, boys; one box of pencil top erasers, girls.

Second grade — Three highlighters (different colors); six glue sticks; three packages of 24 pencils; one package of colored pencils; two dry erase markers; one pair of scissors, Fiskars are the best; two folders with pockets; one school box; two large boxes of tissues; one package of washable markers; one box of baby wipes; boys, one box of gallon size baggies; girls, one box of snack size baggies; one Post-It note cube; two large erasers; one box of 24 crayons.

Third grade — Three packs of notebook paper, wide-ruled; crayons; four packages of 10 pencils (undecorated); five glue sticks; liquid glue; highlighter; 12 inch ruler with inches and centimeters; four pocket folders; three packs of three by three Post-it notes; scissors; colored pencils; art box, eight inch by 5 inches; two composition notebooks; two boxes of tissues; baby wipes; markers, optional; Ziploc baggies, last names starting with A-M bring sandwich size, last names starting with N-Z bring gallon size. Each student will need a book box/container. The box/container needs to be able to hold several books (including large books) and a one inch binder (binders provided).

Fourth grade — Four packages of No. 2 pencils; one package of pencil top erasers; two packages of wide ruled loose leaf paper; eight folders with pockets and prongs, one red, one blue, one yellow, one green, and four of your choice; five separate packs of three by three Post-it notes; one box of markers; one box of crayons; five composition notebooks, Math journal, two, writing journal, reading journal, two; one package of dry erase markers, four or more; one package of colored pencils; one pair of pointed scissors; one 12 inch ruler with centimeters; six large glue sticks; two spiral bound notebooks (word work); three boxes of “family size” tissues; three containers of disinfecting wipes; two rolls of paper towels; one box of Ziploc bags, boys, gallon size, girls, quart size.

Staff report