A taste of Brazil in London

Izabella and Joe Timmons introduce their “Brazilicious” food truck to customers at London’s Cowling Park on Saturday, June 6. The food truck serves up native Brazilian street food not commonly found in Ohio restaurants.

Savory smells wafting from London’s Cowling Park on Saturday evening, June 6 came directly from Brazil.

City residents Joe and Izabella Timmons served more than 300 plates of Brazilian street food to customers drawn by the couple’s Facebook promotion.

They came from all over Ohio to chow-down on pastels (empenadas), corinhas (fritters), Brazilian-style hot dogs, chicken stroganoff and brigadeiros (soft chocolate patties) at the inauguration of Joe and Izabella’s “Brazilicious” food truck.

One customer even drove to London from Dearborn, Michigan, just to eat “Brazilicious” food, Joe noted.

“In terms of sales, it was beyond our expectations,” he said of Saturday’s event.

Joe credits wife Izabella, a Brazilian native, with inspiring the project. She is also the food truck’s lead chef, using recipes borrowed from her mother.

“She (Izabella) saw the two Brazilian restaurants in Columbus just served barbecue,” Joe said. “Nobody was selling what Brazilians eat every day.”

Izabella wanted to fill that culinary niche, but finding time was a problem.

“We both work full time,” Joe said. “So we wanted to go to fairs and events and do it on weekends.”

Getting behind the wheel (and counter) of a food truck seemed a logical, part-time option. And food trucks are trendy these days.

The Timmonses met with Tyler Florence, host of cable TV’s “Great Food Truck Race” in January, before locating a used food truck for sale in Tennessee.

As soon as Associated Graphics Inc., near Plain City, customized the former “Southern Burger” van with the bold greens and yellows of the Brazilian national flag, Izabella and Joe were ready for business.

Next weekend, they plan to park “Brazilicious” somewhere in nearby Yellow Springs for the village’s annual street fair.

Beyond that, the food truck will appear at the Land-Grant Brewing Company, 424 W. Town St. in Columbus, sometime in July and the Columbus Beer Fest in the Arena District on Aug. 15-16.

Joe hopes to participate in the London Rib & Jazz Fest on Aug. 7-8. However, the Columbus Hispanic Festival falls on the same weekend — posing a possible conflict, he said.

Information about upcoming events is available on the internet at Brazilicious.com or by calling 614-782-1979.

Jane Beathard is a contributing writer for The Advocate.