Response to ‘dreamer’ column

To the Editor:

I’ve just finished reading the editorial written by Andrew Moss, Emeritus Professor at Cal State Polytechnic University titled, “Post-truth and the Dreamers” published Saturday, Feb. 3.

Prof. Moss writes four long columns of at least 1,000 words to, in essence, assure the reader that the dreamers are the “salt of the earth.”

Recently, I was reading a survey taken by the Pew Research group. I think they are a credible organization and I trust what they say. Here is what they had to say about the DACA immigrants whose number is around 800,000: 792,000 dreamers are 25 years old or younger; 900 dreamers are in our military (1 percent); 743,000 do not have a college degree (83 percent); 189,000 dropped out of high school (21 percent); 9,000 dreamers are incarcerated (1 percent); 657,000 receive some form of welfare (73 percent).

I think it’s fair to ask what positive impact are these dreamers having on our communities and society at large?

The good professor also informs us that President Trump and his administration are “racist.” There it is in a nutshell. Agree with Prof. Moss and his like-minded intellectuals or you are a racist; in spite of the fact the president swore on the Bible to protect and defend the Constitution and all Americans.

Finally, my children and grandchildren have dreams, too. Americans have the right to know the intentions of those immigrants we allow into our country. I think about the endless line of those from Syria, Libya and other Middle East lands heading to Europe. Many if not most marching toward Germany and other countries were strong young men. Why don’t they return to the lands they left to build countries to be proud of?

Roger B. Lusk

Plain City