Letter: Fairbanks children are counting on us

Dear Editor:

We are writing in support of the Fairbanks School District Levy that will be on the ballot on Nov. 8.

When we moved into the district 10 years ago the schools were not a major priority to us because we didn’t have any children. We did however inquire about the district, because to us, a good school district means a strong community that cares about its future.

Little did we know what a wonderful group of teachers, staff and administrators we would eventually meet when we did have our children. We are so fortunate to have this dedicated group of educators. They care so much for our children that they often take what little they’re given, put it to the best use that they possibly can, and still reach amazing academic accomplishments.

Teaching should not have to be this difficult, but unfortunately it is when there are not enough classrooms, equipment for labs, basic electrical outlets, adequate heating/cooling, safe and efficient plumbing, etc. All three of our school buildings are already functioning at capacity with the current number of students. Our high school and middle school buildings also suffer from chronic deterioration that would require at least the same cost to update and then maintain long-term.

Being the third-fastest growing county in the State of Ohio means the passing of this bond issue is a necessity. Many years ago, our community cared enough to vote to build the current facilities. Now is our time to vote on Nov. 8 to replace the 55-plus-year-old buildings for the betterment of our current and future children, and our community.

It’s not about having the best — it’s about giving our children the opportunity to learn in fully equipped classrooms that promote learning. Our children and community are counting on us! Please vote yes on our Fairbanks Bond Issue Nov. 8.

Shannon and Eryn Staats