Letter: Keep community strong by voting for Fairbanks

To My Community:

In November, we have a civic responsibility to vote on important issues, including the Fairbanks Local School District Bond Issue. As a member of the community and parent of two children, I encourage you to vote YES for the future of our school.

This bond allows for the operation of our schools to fully provide the level of education our students deserve. Without passage of this bond, Fairbanks will face a future with large amounts of money needed for upkeep and renovation and at a time when state funding is not available.

The amount needed simply for upkeep will be as much as is currently being requested. This bond provides the necessary funds to fix the middle/high school and the facilities to support our growing district, which is the third fastest growing county in the state.

The Fairbanks district has many long-term residents that have raised their families and taken advantage of the outstanding education offered. We now have a large number of new households and young families that have chosen our district as the place where they want to raise their families and to get the best education possible.

When voters pass these levies, they know their money is going directly to helping the children, providing necessary services to help students get an excellent education. Our students are the future of our community. Please join me in passing this important Fairbanks Local School District Bond Issue to keep our school strong.

Dear Rice

Milford Center