Letter: Niemeyer has ability to impact lives as teacher, state rep

(Editor’s note: The deadline to submit a letter to the editor in reference to the Nov. 8 general election is Nov. 1.)

Dear Editor,

When I was 8 years old, I started a new school in the midst of a very chaotic year for my family. The teacher I was placed with was young, sharp and beautiful. I was shy and intimidated. I was terribly shy and worried at that age, often brought into school upset from a home filled with conflict and lack. Mrs. Niemeyer pulled me aside once, bent down toward my face, put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You are a great writer, you are going to be an author one day and I am going to read everything you write.”

Of course, Mrs. Niemeyer was a name that came to mind when I was offered a publishing contract for my first book. In my search to locate that teacher I found that she is still amazing. And learning that Barb Niemeyer is running for State Representative makes me admire her even more.

Knowing from my own experience what a kind, attentive, compassionate person she was in her early years of teaching, finding all of those qualities still exist within her at an even deeper level is an added gift to my memory of her. As a teacher Barb didn’t just teach. She looked into my circumstances, spoke into my future and sent me off into life with strong skills, with abilities I’d never have known otherwise. She gave me the gift of a passion and a purpose. Not every teacher had the type of interest or kindness. Not many people have that! She changed my life in ways last, in ways that keep changing it for the better. She made a difference in my life.

Barb Niemeyer made an impact on my life, for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine anyone better to represent the people of the state of Ohio.

Annie Highwater

Grove City