Jonathan Alder High School air conditioning repaired for school year

By Jane Beathard - Contributing Writer

Superintendent Gary Chapman declared all buildings in Jonathan Alder Local Schools “ready to go” for the Aug. 17 opening day.

But the noticeable absence of air conditioning in the high school during Monday’s board of education meeting prompted board member Shannon Foust to question that statement.

Chapman promised the high school would again be cool by Wednesday. He said a failure in the building’s aging water softener had streamed hard water into the air-conditioner, causing it to also fail.

Foust noted a delay in replacing the out-of-date softener led to a greater overall expense for the district. Chapman agreed.

Also on Monday, curriculum director Misty Swanger said 42 district teachers participated in June’s Innovation Time where they exchanged ideas and information for the upcoming school year. Funding for Innovation Time came from federal title money.

Federal money from the district’s 21st Century Grant also supported a summer camp for students at Monroe and Plain City elementaries.

Swanger said 29 Monroe students and 34 Plain City students participated in morning classes and afternoon field trips. Those field trips included tours of The Ohio State University campus and Anthony-Thomas candy factory in Columbus.

21st Century Grants fund programs for students from economically disadvantaged families and low-performing schools in order to broaden their in-class and out-of-class experiences and prevent them from dropping out in the future.

Also on Monday, school board members renewed lease agreements with The Vineyard, Daily Needs Assistance and Union County Latchkey for space in the former Plain City Elementary on Main Street.

The Vineyard will pay $1,500 and Daily Needs Assistance $1,000 per month in rent. The latchkey program pays no rent.

Board members also approved class fees and cafeteria prices for the upcoming school year. All remain the same as last year.

Students in grades K-8 will pay $40 in fees; high school students will pay fees based on their individual classes.

Adult breakfast prices were set at $1.50 and lunches at $3.25.

Elementary and middle school students will pay $2.75 for lunches; junior high and high school students will pay $3 for lunches.

By Jane Beathard

Contributing Writer

Jane Beathard is a contributing writer for The Madison Press.

Jane Beathard is a contributing writer for The Madison Press.