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Lynn Baldwin

Lynn Baldwin

The Union County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society held its meeting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 20 at the Marysville Public Library in Meeting Room A. Leona Gustafson, president, welcomed members and guests present.

Dave Gustafson, corresponding secretary and membership chair, reported that we have received two membership renewals and two new members since the June meeting and sold three books and three CD’s. Marie Bouic reported that the Bouic Index is available to members online on the website: Leona asked the group for articles, queries for the newsletter.

Leona announced the meetings for the rest of the year:

• Saturday, Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. Steve Barker will present a program on “Using Maps for Genealogical Research” in meeting room A of the Marysville Public Library. His presentation will focus on using historical maps and online resources to help family historians research. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University with degrees in Archaeology and History. He is married and the father of four and lives in Union County. In his free time he enjoys metal detecting, bow hunting, and doing historical research.

• Saturday, Oct. 15 Leona Gustafson will present “He Did What? Researching Criminal Records.”

• Saturday, Nov. 19 will be Susan Hunter talking about the newly indexed records of the Freedmen’s Bureau (African-American) and new members, Clyde and Janet Morrow will present “Assisting One and Another Through Indexing.”

Leona then introduced the speaker for the morning, Lynn Baldwin, a member of the group who serves on the Lineage Committee and secretary to the Plain City Historical Society. Baldwin graduated from Jonathan Alder High School and Bowling Green University. She taught school for 36 years before retiring in 2010. Her topic was “Applying to a Lineage Society.” She walked the group through filling out an application and what information is needed. She had a PowerPoint presentation.

Lineage Societies are organizations that are created to honor a specific heritage or event. Union County’s lineage groups are Pioneers with Gold rating who lived in the county through Jan. 1, 1841. Silver rating are ancestors who lived in the county from Jan. 1, 1841 through Dec. 31, 1850. Military examples are D.A.R. and S.A.R. Our society also promotes Civil War ancestors. Common trait lineage societies examples are Society of Mayflower Descendants; Order of Descendants of Pirates and Privateers; Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons and Daughters of the Kings of Britain; and many others. Why should you join a lineage society? Becoming a member is one way to honor and recognize your ancestor’s accomplishments and contributions to history. Membership also preserves your well documented research for future generations to take advantage of. Usually such memberships provide “members only” privileges.

Evidence is documents you submit. You need sufficient evidence to prove you a direct descendant of a pioneer ancestor you are proving. There are two types, primary and secondary evidence. Primary sources are original sources created at the time of the event such as courthouse or other government records, church or school records. Secondary sources are Bible records, diaries or letters, census records, newspaper clippings, obituaries and county histories. Each item on the applications should have a primary source or two secondary sources. Unacceptable sources are undocumented family histories, oral, written or published family histories, lineage papers from other societies, family group sheets and charts, family reunion records.

Evidence that is needed for the application include birth, death, marriage, Bible or baptismal records, wills and land deeds if they mention a relationship. Baldwin suggested printing out the rules for the society if you are applying to and make a work copy of the application. Be sure and to use maiden names for the females on your application. You need to show a direct relationship and Union County residency on your application. Use a red pen and underline the significant parts of the document that support your ancestor. Do not submit original documents. Include an ancestor chart. Be sure and number your documents to match the sources.

For Civil War Families of Union County, Ohio (CWFUCO) you can submit through a direct ancestor or apply through a collateral ancestor (brother or sister) of the person who served in the war. Applications to the Union County societies are accepted any time and after they have been reviewed and approved, their certificate and pin will be awarded at the next scheduled meeting or mailed to the new CWFUCO member. They will also be listed in the next Union Echoes newsletter.

Those enjoying the presentation were: Dave and Leona Gustafson, Marie Bouic, Calvin W. Wood, Nancy Katzenbach, Nina Lee Hampton, Kermit and Ruth Ann Morse, Sharon Parrott, Meridith Fowler, Barry Reese, Eva F. Schooley, Sally Berry, Connie Simpson, Sara Halley, Steve Lowe, Bill Thompson, Marty Scott, Paul R. Fish, Nina Boerger, Ken Anderson, Avanelle Oberlin, Andrew Mackey, Virginia Smith and Lynn Baldwin.

Submitted by Marie Bouic recording secretary for Union County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

Lynn Baldwin Baldwin

Staff report